About Gallery kbh kunst

Since 2006, the Gallery kbh kunst (Gallery Copenhagen Art) has represented young and exciting contemporary art by both established and up-and-coming artists.
The gallery is located on the corner of Øster Søgade and Rørholmsgade in the center of Copenhagen, right by the lakes. Rørholmsgade is known for its variety of galleries and art studios.
In the gallery there are now 4 artists working in two art studios, and on top of that, the gallery represents at least 20 other artists. This means that there's always more than a 100 different contemporary artworks to choose from in the gallery.
10 times a year, the gallery has solo- or group exhibitions with external or internal artists. In this way the gallery gets to display a wide range of contemporary art in many different styles and expressions, and over the years the gallery has been known to be a "growth-place" for up-and-coming artists.
From the beginning the gallery has enjoyed cooperating with various art associations and companies. Are you interested in contemporary art in your company? Then let Gallerist Helle Borre help and advise you on what to buy, how to decorate and put up exhibitions in your company.
Gallery kbh kunst sells only original art, and are you unsure whether you have found the right piece of art, it is possible to borrow the art for some days to give it a try.